Tiger Hunter
Tiger Hunter

Tiger Hunter

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During the Northern Song Dynasty, tigers on Jingyang Hill repeatedly hurt people, causing rumors to spread among the people. At this moment when everyone was in danger, Xiao Zan from Liao took this as an excuse to instruct the wicked people in the rivers and lakes to take the opportunity to make trouble and do whatever they wanted. Wu Song, who was passing through this place, was involved in the strife in the chaotic world. The road saw the injustice and roared. Even if the road ahead was full of crises, Wu Song was not timid.

Native Title: 伏虎武松
Director : Cui Yanlong
Actor : Yuan Fufu, Yan Jiaying, Zhang Yaqi , Lu Yu , Lu Yu, Chen Jialiang
Release : May 08, 2020
Country : China
Tagline: Tiger Hunter
Genre: Martial Arts, Action
Language: Chinese
Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes
Budget: $ N/A
Revenue: $ N/A

Tiger Hunter (2020)

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