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One day in the early years of the Shang Dynasty, Yang Jian fell from the sky and his memory was damaged. A village girl from a nearby village found Ye Ye and rescued her. Worrying about Yang Jian's lonely leaves, he insisted on keeping him under the pressure of the villagers. The two gradually fell in love in their ordinary life, until a group of robbers came to loot and broke the peace. In order to save his lover, Yang Jian had to become a warrior priest, and gradually inspired the power of his third eye during the battle. Qinghuang, his partner who has been lurking beside Yang Jian, is also looking for an opportunity to restore his memory. It turns out that all this is caused by the conspiracy of the soul-moving alien...

Native Title: 杨戬传
Director : Liu Hailiang
Actor : Shi Yuanting, Li Shuinuo, Wang Yanhui, Jiang Di, Zhao Yuntian, Xu Changchao
Release : April 27, 2018
Country : China
Tagline: The Legend of Yang Jian
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Language: Chinese
Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes
Budget: $ N/A
Revenue: $ N/A

The Legend of Yang Jian (2018)

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